Virginia Tech's Alpha Pi Alumni Association of Zeta Psi

Chapter House Fire

There was a fire at the chapter house early morning October 3rd. Details and information about a fire fund can be found here.

Lost Brothers

The alumni association needs your help compiling contact information for dozens of brothers listed below. If you know the home address, phone #, email address, pledge class, big brother's name or other contact information or leads for finding the brothers below, please contact Mark Menton at List last updated October 12, 2005.
Allen, Tim
Almont, Chris
Aweau, Lawaia
Bader, Jim
Beach, Justin
Beasley, Rex
Benaquista, Lou
Billet, Bill
Birkenmaier, Jim
Blea, Hose
Bricker, Daniel
Bright, Melvin
Britton, Jeff
Brown, Kevin
Brooks, Chris
Bucher, John
Burkholder, Sheldon
Case, Joshua
Casey, Theophilious
Clark, Tim
Comer, Mike
Conners, Tim
Conti, Glen
Cook, Matthew
Corria, Thomas
Critz, Bill
Crow, Pat
David, David
Dean, Rudy
Delafleur, Mike
Diaz, Rich
Duke, Kendall
Duskin, Dan
Ellis, Terrance
Eng, Victor
Foley, Kevin
Gerhart, Jim
Gurney, Wes
Hacker, Peter
Hamilton, Dave
Harlow, Mike
Heiner, Troy
Homb, Robert
Hoover, Michael
Hudgins, Logan
Humes, James
Irion, Pete
Jackson, Brian
Jones, Mike
Keady, John
Koenig, Scott
Lavery, Adrian
Loflin, Ken
Lopez, Frank
Loslein, Tom
Manns, Steve
Marcon, Mike
Matz, Kevin
McShane, Michael
Melton, Bill
Montes, Carmen
Moss, Jonathan 
Mukai, Mike 
Nickle, Gabriel
O’Baugh, Dean
O’daniel, James
Olah, Frank
Pan, James
Parker, John
Peters, Tom
Pfefferkorn, Jim
Pinson, Clark
Pitt, Tom
Priest, Todd
Rando, Robert
Ransome, J
Reed, Matthew
Renshaw, Jay
Richardson, Larry
Runion, Mike
Sandridge, Bill
Schultz, Richard
Shelee, Bob
Singletary, Gary
Skaggs, Bill
Smith, Chris
Sprince, Rick
Stacy, L Scot
Stein, David
Stokes, Walter
Stradinger, Shane
Street, Bill
Strouns, Richard
Thomas, Chip
Thompson, Todd
Turner, Walt
Tyler, John
Van Vleet, Dave
Walters, James
Walters, Rob
Waterman, Neil
Waters, Alex
Waters, Brandon
Werz, Thomas
White, Brian
Yatsko, Mike

517 Ways to Donate

The alumni association treasury encourages you to consider making a donation to help our current short-term and long-term needs. Please make a donation. Not only can you make a donation by check and postal mail to the treasurer, but you can now make donations online via PayPal using your credit card or a bank account withdrawal. You can even set up a convenient monthly recurring donation! For more information click here. For information on our current financial status and our expenses please contact treasurer Bob "Buffalo" Clements at bobclem360 at (@) msn dot (.) com.

As of August 28, 2005 there are 14 March 11, 2004 there are 19 brothers making automated recurring monthly donations via PayPal. You can donate as little as $5 per month using this method. It's a great way to give without having to give a large lump sum amount or have to bother with remembering to write a check and mail it.

Email Mailing Lists

We maintain several mailing lists for our elder and active members. alumninews is a low volume moderated mailing list open to elders. brotherbabble is a medium volume unmoderated mailing list open to elders and actives.

Each list has a web interface for subscribing, unsubscribing, changing subscription options and viewing archived messages via the web which can be accessed at the links below:


List administrators' names and email addresses for each list can be found at the bottom of each of the above pages.

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